About Motherxxx: C'mon, let's play. ♥ Animated picture required. At the very least two lines per post on Rp. A simple "hi" won't get my attention at all. Will take daughters and sons, but only those that interest me.~ Name: Lena S/O: Bisexual Sex: Female or Futa ~~~~~~~~~~~ Lena is not only a mother that absolutely loves to get stuffed with a thick, large cock at any time of the day, but she's also easy-going and a loving and understanding parent. Knowing and understanding that It's just the hormones going wild when her own son slams her against the wall and proceeds to take her by force, or that it's just normal for a daughter to be curious of her mother's own length. (She's only a futa if you want to~) Sure, Lena does have low tolerance to alcohol which occasionally makes her increasingly lustful and hard to control. Naturally, as a woman Lena does have her own needs as well which need to be sated, able to do outrageous things without regrets or hesitation if she's neglected by her husband. ~~~~~~~~~~~